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Month: April | Year: 2022 | Release Date: 23/04/2022 | Edition: 2

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‘ Something that’s really worth your time!

URL: https://link.medium.com/cBkrbOQoppb
Description: Bypass Apple Corp SSO on Apple Admin Panel.

URL: https://medium.com/@hacxyk/how-we-spoofed-ens-domains-52acea2079f6
Description: How we spoofed ENS domains for $15k.

URL: https://bit.ly/3JXOT4x (+)
Description: How I hacked one of the biggest airlines group in the world.

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‘ Some Kung Fu Techniques.

URL: https://github.com/skylot/jadx/
Description: Dex to Java decompiler.

URL: https://github.com/bloomberg/memray
Description: Memray is a memory profiler for Python.

URL: https://github.com/Esc4iCEscEsc/skanuvaty
Description: Dangerously fast DNS/network/port scanner.

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URL: https://misconfig.io/breaking-the-cloud-via-azure-ad-connect/
Description: Breaking the Cloud via Azure AD Connect.

URL: https://github.com/CoolerVoid/spock_slaf
Description: Spock SLAF is a Shared Library Application Firewall “SLAF”.

URL: https://github.com/p0dalirius/CVE-2021-43008-AdminerRead
Description: Adminer 1.0-4.6.2 Arbitrary File Read vulnerability (CVE-2021-43008).

URL: https://github.com/wagga40/Zircolite
Description: SIGMA-based detection tool for EVTX, Auditd and Sysmon for Linux logs.

URL: https://github.com/aquasecurity/trivy
Description: Scanner for vulnerabilities in containers, file systems, and Git repos.

URL: https://hurricanelabs.com/blog/extracting-credentials-from-multifunction-devices/
Description: Extracting Credentials from Multifunction Devices.

URL: https://github.com/vdjagilev/nmap-formatter
Description: A tool that allows you to convert NMAP results to html, csv, json, markdown.

URL: https://github.com/hlldz/RefleXXion
Description: Utility designed to aid in bypassing user-mode hooks utilised by AV/EPP/EDR.

URL: https://apptotal.io/
Description: Analyze suspicious OAuth apps to identify malicious apps and highlight risks.

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‘ All about security issues.

URL: https://neilmadden.blog/2022/04/19/psychic-signatures-in-java/
PoC: https://bit.ly/3v48T16 (+)
Description: Psychic Signatures in Java (CVE-2022-21449).

URL: https://bit.ly/3ExNxN0 (+)
More: https://bit.ly/3KgtqEp (+)
Description: Abusing Azure Hybrid Workers for Privilege Escalation.

URL: https://github.com/snowyyowl/writeups/tree/main/CVE-2022-26133
Description: Atlassian Bitbucket HazelCast RCE CVE-2022-26133.

URL: https://cloudbrothers.info/en/fido2-security-keys-are-important/
Description: Why using a FIDO2 security key is important.

URL: https://blog.immunityinc.com/p/writing-a-linux-kernel-remote-in-2022/
Description: Writing a Linux Kernel Remote in 2022 (CVE-2022-0435).

URL: https://blog.assetnote.io/2022/04/13/watchguard-firebox-rce/
Description: Diving Deeper into WatchGuard Pre-Auth RCE (CVE-2022-26318).

URL: https://bit.ly/3OvTvlV (+)
Description: How I chained two vulnerabilities to steal credit card details?

URL: https://rhinosecuritylabs.com/aws/cve-2022-25165-aws-vpn-client/
Description: Privilege Escalation to SYSTEM in AWS VPN Client (CVE-2022-25165).

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URL: https://mc0wn.blogspot.com/2021/04/exploiting-struts-rce-on-2526.html
Description: Exploiting Apache Struts2 double evaluations RCE (CVE-2021-31805).

URL: https://r0.haxors.org/posts?id=20
Description: Moodle Stored XSS and blind SSRF possible via feedback answer text.

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‘ ╚ └─┘┘└┘
‘ Spare time?

URL: https://initrd.net/
Description: Repository of Radio tools.

URL: https://rpgplayground.com/
Description: Make and share RPG games, it’s easy.

URL: https://blog.persistent.info/2022/03/blog-post.html
Description: Infinite Mac – An Instant-Booting Quadra in Your Browser.

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