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Why Programming is important for Hackers?

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Short Bytes: There is no denying the fact that programming is the fundamental hacking skill. The more you program, the better hacker you become. This article is dedicated to the beginners who aspire to become a hacker and attain the qualities needed for it.

What most people do not realize is that being a hacker is not a singular field, you must also have a solid command of programming. In this article, we will explain why programming is the most necessary skill for a hacker.

A good hacker is expected to have the ability to understand and code in C, Python and JAVA. C being the core of UNIX is highly recommended. Where are they used? Well, in fact everywhere! These are the languages ​​that allow you to experiment with existing code by injecting virus extracts and poisoning the data flows thus disrupting the servers. Hacking on the server largely depends on the efficiency with which a code snippet is written and injected.

How Programming helps hackers?

From web application security to network application security, anything and everything is about coding. In addition, having an expert programming hand gives you an advantage and makes you independent to design your attack accordingly. Hackers work anonymously and this is their greatest strength.

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Having a good knowledge of creating malicious applications can help you destabilize entire platforms with a little help from hacking tools. Many hacking tools available for free on the Internet to help you a little on your adventures, but you can also buy hacking tools for specific target operations.

Why programming is the most important skill for hackers?

Mastering a programming language allows you to be self-dependent and gives you the knowledge of working of programs to exploit them easily. Even though exploit development is mainly done in the assembly language in debuggers, learning the functioning of a program could be very useful.

It’ll help you to write your own exploits in C/C++ and ditch the frameworks like Metasploit. Learning programming also gives you the power to create your own custom malware, making it difficult for an antivirus software to detect.

Most of the hacking tools are freely available and open source. So, if you’ve mastered the art of programming, using hacking tools and making them better is an easy task.

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So, before you start with the basics of hacking, learn to code and create a solid foundation.

What programming languages are typically used by hackers?

There are no set programming languages that can be used when hacking computers, but there are some ones that are more common than others:

  • Python: This is the most popular all around language for anything related to cybersecurity. It’s a security professionals programming language of choice and a good one to start with.
  • PHP: This language isn’t as popular as it once was but there are still many applications and scripts that are written in PHP. Therefore, it’s still very useful to be familiar with it. One big example of this wordpress, wordpress is written in PHP and supports millions of websites on the internet. Approximately 40% of all websites run on wordpress, which means they run on a PHP application.
  • Javascript: This language has become extremely popular for anything to do with web design and animations. Therefore, for anything to do with web application or website hacking it’s useful to know Javascript. Also, it’s the language primarily used in cross site scripting attacks (XSS).
  • C/C++: This language is very popular for memory based attacks such as a buffer overflow attack. C doesn’t have the same built in controls that other languages have, which means you can use it to perform some unique attacks. A buffer overflow takes advantage of the fact that the language doesn’t have built in memory control and purposely overwrites certain parts of memory in order to perform an attack.
>>>>>>Being able to code is not essential, especially for a beginner. But as you progress it will make it much easier and faster if you’re able to at least read and edit other people’s code. Most good hackers are able to read and write in multiple programming languages and that’s not a coincidence, it makes you much more effective. If you’re interested in learning coding for the reason of hacking I would not recommend you just learn general programming. I would suggest you spend the majority of your time looking up specific tutorials on how to create hacking tools in the programming languages I mentioned above. Obviously, you will need to understand the basics of a programming language but once you’re comfortable with that, start focusing as soon as possible.

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